I've been working on the art and text of this book since November, 2015. The book is published and will be officially launched November 15, 2018.

I have to say, I'm very proud of it, but I my wonderful publisher Devorah Winegarten passed away soon after the book printing was complete. Her press website ( is suspended at this time, and so the book is not presented there and is being sold by me on my own book website. *

This beautiful and unique book of art and discussion is developed around the scriptures of Genesis that concern the matriarchs Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah. In addition to to the biblical scriptures, the book develops characteristics (Faces) of each matriarch, with ideas drawn from the scriptures, interpretations, and the artist's imagination.

The various Faces include those of beauty, power, joy, vision, brokenness, kindness, favoritism, resolve, the beloved, envy, motherhood and sisterhood. Prints of selected paintings will be available for purchase through this website.

To view my artwork, click on the Artwork button and the various sections buttons will be visible.

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